Professional installation for artwork of any size

Art Graphics

We recommend using our fitting team to install artwork for commercial environments or if the work is oversized. In both these cases there are special fittings and safety considerations that we can take care of for you.

Our installation teams will usually consist of 1 – 3 people and we come with all the tools required.

Risk assessments

If your company needs a risk assessment done by us before we visit your site, please let us know in advance. We’re happy to provide this as well as other health and safety documentation if required.

Health, Safety & Security

In high traffic and public environments it’s important to use security fixings for artwork. This ensures that they stay flush with the wall and can’t be removed or knocked.

There are also manufacturing considerations such as using acrylic instead of glass, splines on frame corners and extra rigid backboards.

Apart from the construction, whilst on-site we are well versed in best practices. We can arrive at convenient low traffic times, cordon off the area if required and leave the site as we found it. Before drilling any holes we of course use professional equipment to test for wires or other obstructions behind the wall.

We can meet you on-site to discuss the various options with you if required.

Install Times to Suit Your Business

If it would be disruptive to install the artwork during business hours we can arrange to install at the weekend or later in the evening. Please let us know if you’re interested in specific install times.

Hanging Oversized Art

Large pictures require different handing methods than smaller images. The fixing to the wall need to be much more secure than a couple of nails. We often use split battens or museum hangers as a more secure fixing method. Stronger supports may be required in some cases.

When lifting the artwork into place, it sometimes requires 2 separate ladders and 2-3 people, or even indoor scaffolding erecting. We are happy to advice what is required in your specific case.

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