Custom Picture Frames for Interior Designers

Bespoke framing, imaging & presentation services for interior designers

Art is Communication

Art speaks to people and makes a genuine positive difference to an environment. It takes courage to guide the selection of art pieces to suit a location and client, but it can be a very enjoyable process. We can assist if you’d like to bounce some ideas around – or if you’d like us to run through the process with you so that you can help your client. We’re developing an info-graphic that runs through the process and would be happy to send this to you. Let us know if this is of interest?

Or select a category  or theme and we can send you some images to choose from and get closer to that perfect match for the interior and that also strikes a chord of recognition … a childhood link … a reaction … a dialogue … so that the image becomes a vital part of it’s location.

Artists We Work With

We work with a number of talented artists available for commissions for your projects, we can arrange everything from the commission, framing and installation to your specifications. Here are a few key artists you may be interested in:

Ian Rayer-smith
Contemporary Expressionist Art

Jo deas
Contemporary Mixed Media Original Art

L Phillips
Contemporary Collage Artist

Lindi Kirwin
Fine Art, Ceiling Art

We are building pages for these artists – please contact us if you would like more information.

Some of the benefits we can offer interior designers…

We’ll help in any way we can, from sample surface finishes for frames to assist with selection & interior matching, wood samples, paint finish samples, frame designs, image catalogues, to provision of an art advisor to discuss and present options and styles at your client meeting.


Creating Perfect Bespoke Finishes

If you or your client needs a very specific design, finish or construction, we have lots of experience creating frames to exacting requirements.

Your client may have seen a design in a magazine that isn’t possible to source, was a one off or is prohibitively expensive. After talking with you we can nail down an exact spec that suits your client’s space. We can create the frame for you to match the finishes and construction that will fit your overall design.

Guaranteed Delivery Date

We can deliver finished work to your clients business or home address at a time to suit you.

We’ve developed in-house software to accurately estimate, plan and coordinate all the work we do. Once we’ve arranged a date with you that’s the date your work will be delivered on.

Custom Mirrors

Mirrors play a role in almost all interior design schemes. The ability to open up a space and add light are particularly useful.

We have experience creating mirrors in a wide range of styles.

Oversized Artwork?

Many interiors require very large pieces to give the right sense of scale and gravitas. We specialise in oversized artwork. From years of experience to a fully equipped workshop, nothing is too large.

Image Panels?

We can also supply bespoke designed image panels to any size – whether these are as wallpaper, acrylic bonded images, large canvases, or particular surface finishes on wall panels – such as bronze, corten, woodstain etc. We have a design department that you can commission to create artwork or present surface finishes for your approval, then manufacture to suit your needs. Or ask us for samples?

10 Year Guarantee

The work we do for you and your client is guaranteed for 10 years. This means that if there are any defects with the workmanship we’ll fix them. Your client can contact us directly, or through you if you’d prefer a white-label service.

White Label Service

We can either deal exclusively with you, with your client – or a combination. Quotes and invoices can also be arranged by you, or directly between us and the client – whichever you prefer.