Custom Mirror Frames

Complete your space with custom crafted framed mirrors.

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What are custom mirror frames?

Using mirrors in your design has benefits such as making the room seem larger and increasing reflected light. However a custom built mirror frame goes a step further...

  • Create a talking point with an eye catching center piece
  • Perfectly match colours, finishes and styles
  • Get full the service from design and production to delivery and install
I started using Art Graphics six years ago. These guys are the best framers in the UK, they focus on my needs and always deliver.
Lincoln Townley

Custom Mirror Frame Features

Some of the key features you can have with custom mirror framing...


Angled mirrors create a stunning visual effect that always gets a double-take. This mirror is angled inside the frame, to reflect the image at a different angle. When combined with the floor standing mirror style, the reflection can be perfectly straight, while still leaning against a wall.

Floor Standing

A popular trend with larger mirrors is to have them floor standing, leaning against a wall. We can provide this style for you, with custom finishes and sizing.

Create More Space

Mirrors are perfect for either enlarging small spaces or adding expansive depth to larger rooms.

Custom Mirror Sections

For a true designer aesthetic, the mirror can be divided into sections with specially finished panels added to take the design to the next level.

tiled framed large mirror installed in beautiful interior

Full Service

If you project requires, we can craft beautiful mirror frames then deliver and install them to your (or your client's) site.

Reproduction of a 17th Century mantelpiece mirror

Cast More Light

A well placed mirror can bounce light to key areas of your space and create a more comfortable, airy aesthetic.

Key Talking Point

Large mirrors with custom frames become room center pieces and always attract attention and comments.



Verre Églomisé

In French it means "glass gilded". The glass has gold/silver leaf applied to the reverse to create a variety of pleasing effects such as an aged pattena or smoky clouds. The result is presence and character for your mirror.



This unique and beautiful finish is created though a careful chemical reaction on wood and metal. The result is a natural rust which is then sealed with clear lacquer to protect it.

White gesso tray frame with blue tray base


A traditional method of preparing a frame surface for paint, gilding or custom finishes. Can be applied to wood, metal and even paper mounts. The craftsmanship and secret recipes involved create a stunning finish that speaks for itself.

Wide obeche profile with leaf gilding & burnishing


After laying a gesso base, gilding can be applied using leafs of many metals, including gold, silver, bronze, copper & aluminium. This gives you a luxury finish with a huge range of custom styles including patination, scuffing, rub through and burnishing.

Hand painting a box frame

Hand Painted

Your profile can be expertly painted in any colour required to match your artwork or environment. This cost-effective finish can be further enhanced with techniques such as stippling, veiling, patination and distressing.

corner detail of sprayed white tulipwood frame


Spraying is our most popular finish, with benefits including invisible frame corner joins, a smooth high quality effect and a choice of colours and glosses. It gives contemporary museum quality to any artwork.

Stained beech with spline


A versatile option that can be used to enhance grain, add colouring and even out natural surfaces. This is best used on natural woods.

The framing of my piece has really made a statement in our new home, for a price that was unrivalled by any local competitors.
Alexander Wilson

Mirror Framing Examples

Browse 1,634 images from past projects, including many mirror framing ideas to give inspiration for your next project.

The only museum quality framers we’ve found outside London.
Chris Brooks
Gallery Owner

Why Us?

Why should you work with us for your next project?

Art Graphics have made beautiful frames for me for over 20 years.
Lou Moore


Thank you so much - they look great and I am sure my client will be thrilled. The quality is superb too - I am very pleased with them, so thank you and your team for their hard work on them.
Sarah Glenn
Atelier Nine


The mirror frames we produce are usually around 1 meter on each side but can be made up to . Also depending on the project details, larger may be possible.

Usually for most projects, almost it does vary based on the project needs. If you've got a specific deadline please let us know so we can work with you.

We do supply individuals, although are mainly set-up to service businesses.

This is based in large part on the size of the frame and also the materials used. Some techniques like custom profile design, gesso and gilding are very time intensive. Often we're able to make suggestions about slight tweaks to the design which make drastic budget savings. The best way to get pricing is to contact us and we'll get you the answers.

I wanted to say how delighted I am with the framing of my canvas artwork. From my initial conversations and requirement building with Frances, to the meeting in the workshop and finally the delivery, you guys have been an absolute pleasure to deal with, and delivered way beyond my expectations with the finished product.
Alexander Wilson

Quickly Get Prices & Timelines

You'll get answers in 24 business hours at the most, and it's usually much faster.
It was the communication from ArtGraphics that really set them apart from the competition. I had a lot of concerns about the framing of a blanket as I knew it was a tricky piece to get right. They talked me through every step of their process.
David Wilson
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