What we do & how we do it

We Present Your Art & Images Beautifully.

From designed & engineered frames to specialist finishes, acrylic boxes, canvases, printed panels and bespoke wallpaper.

To ensure your art looks it’s best we can deliver and install the pieces for you. We have a team of expert installers versed in the many types of installation. They know what works best in your situation and will be glad to provide their knowledge.

We can generate images and image series as required for projects. This is often used to achieve a specific visual for commercial projects. Your project can be enhanced with our graphic design, illustration, digital & photographic composites.

Art Graphics

What Makes Art Graphics Different?

We can frame anything
We are a small highly skilled team with complementary talents. We love the work we do & like making clients happy. Our framers have decades of experience framing a diverse range of items so know how to approach your project.

Details matter to us
It’s the little things that matter. From perfectly aligned backboards and tape to tight frame corners, intelligent design and conservation materials.

World class systems
We have strong custom built systems to ensure the work is tracked from first contact to project completion. At all stages your artwork is safe with us – our workshop is secure, alamed & insured by Lloyd’s of London.

Oversized specialists
We can undertake any size of project – our space is designed for the largest art pieces, including our custom spray booth for the clean gallery look.

How We Got Here & Our Team.

How We Got Here & Our Team...
Art Graphics is a 3rd generation family business doing quality framing for business since 1974. Right back at the beginning of our story – Ian McDonnell started the company selling framed silk-screen prints to Selfridge’s in London.

Simon McDonnell joined the company aged 22 after an Art Degree gap year in Israel, to help out & pay a favour back to his Dad Ian. He never left. He is Product Designer, Senior Framer, Director of Over-engineering, and all-round good-guy at the heart of the company.

Frances McDonnell left a Senior Graphics Lecturer role in 2012 to work full time in the company as Managing Director.

David Griffiths collaborates with us as Tech Wizard. He has conjured up the bespoke systems that the company runs on, and the website.

Andy Ball is Production Manager – with all-round expertise & particular skills in ensuring deadlines are met.

Damien Chapman is Client Liaison Manager, and controller of coincidences.

Peter Griffiths is SEO & Social Media advisor in distant Swansea.

Lucy is Wizard of Xero & runs our books expertly in Manchester.

Louise Jeff does our photography & video.


We are part of the fabulous Goldman Sachs 10KSB Alumni, a business growth programme aiming to propel 10,000 small businesses to super-growth. We have also been part of the Growth Accelerator program, and the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) – both of these now forming the Business Growth Service.





The Workshop

Our new 2600 sq ft studio workshop is the perfect creative environment. We’ve invested in technology, equipment & systems for each zoned area to ensure we can handle anything you throw at us, in any size. Here are some highlights:

  • 2600 sq ft – The perfect size for dealing with very large artwork
  • Zoned Clean Areas – Artwork is handled in special zones to ensure it’s free from stains, saws, dust etc.
  • Compressor – Supplies compressed air to power tools and ensure artwork is free of dust before framing. Our high-end system provides clean air, triple filtered. Other systems can leave water droplets and oils on artwork.
  • Laminator – A full size laminator is an essential piece of our daily tool kit.
  • Gunnar – Pro computerized mount cutter to ensure every mount is accurate to 0.1mm
  • Eizo Monitor – For professional colour matching and print previewing
  • Large format printer – The 60 inch HP printer can produce everything from art replications to building sized banners on paper, canvas or vinyl.
  • Long edge cutter – For perfect cuts to the edges of huge prints
  • Hotpress – For a flawless finish to professional photos
  • Spray booth – Gallery perfect spray finishes give a clean, modern look with no corner joins

Our workshop is based at the Adelphi Mill in Bollington, Cheshire.

We look forward to seeing you there soon!

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