Box picture frames for wall design

We're all aspiring interior designers when it comes to our own home - it's fun to put things together to make inspiring environments. Our favourite colours, a great piece of furniture, that cushion that starts the design, a rug, glorious curtain fabrics, lighting ... 

Speaking of colour, a great online tool to help with this is Adobe's Kuler-colourwheel site where you can create colour-themes to try out, with delicious words like 'analogous' and 'monochromatic', and the facility to name your own colour-themes. Watch out Farrow & Ball! 

An additional very useful feature of this site is the ability to upload an image and create a colour theme to suit. For instance, using this contemporary expressionist image of artist Ian Rayer-Smith, in a welded aluminium frame with matt-black internal, framed and installed by Art Graphics UK Ltd for Tricia Cunningham Interiors, you can see how different colour themes from 'colourful', to 'muted' can help to determine sophisticated colour sets.

So then, thanks to Adobe, this is a way of considering the walls beyond colour - allowing your choice of art to lead the colour-theme.

A great option is the box frame, in any size, crafted and finished to complement your decor, with memorabilia and artefacts that resonate with you. It could be a textile purchased on a faraway holiday, or simply a handful of pebbles collected from a  beach. As a final touch for your favourite room, a box frame presenting your chosen art or object will make you smile every time it catches your eye.

Some examples of box frames insitu below ...

This is a piece of art by Jo Deas, presented in a deep contemporary box frame. Designed with the interior in mind, it is a collage piece crafted with style and purpose exactly for it's commissioned location. The frame is tulipwood, soft-sanded and sprayed-finished to complement the art, which is floated to create just the right amount of space. To finish - the frame has uv-filter glass with reflection control to reduce reflections.

Above is a series of vintage designed travel posters creating a close-hung gallery-wall of box frames in black-stained spray-finished beechwood profile, with museum-white mounts and museum-glass. The interior is sophisticated and low-key, allowing the interest-shock of the feature wall to take centre stage.

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Written by Frances McDonnell January 13th, 2019

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