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In the Chips building in the up and coming area of New Islington is Ian Rayer-Smith's studio. It's with a warm welcome that he offers me a cup of the best coffee, from his own studio coffee maker. He's currently listening to a Norwegian band, who are playing softly and almost melancholic instrumental tunes in the background. Ian is very cheery and speaks with passion about his work.

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Box picture frames for wall design

We're all aspiring interior designers when it comes to our own home - it's fun to put things together to make inspiring environments. Our favourite colours, a great piece of furniture, that cushion that starts the design, a rug, glorious curtain fabrics, lighting ...

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Original Pictures, by Craig Barker

Craig Barker has created a series of dramatic urban landscape photographs based on the Manchester area for the Spire Hospital. His adapted cityscapes add creative licence to the famous buildings and viewpoints of the city.

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Louise Phillips at the Talented Art Fair 2018

Following on from its launch in 2017, the Talented Art Fair is at the Old Truman Brewery, London from March 2nd 2018, showcasing today’s most exciting contemporary artists including carefully selected work from over 90 emerging and award-winning artists, recent graduates and established artists.

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Art Exhibition at HOME, Manchester

Opening on March 9th 2018 at HOME, Manchester, this collaborative exhibition by Tom & Mario explores the legacy of stone through a dialogue between drawing and photography; how people have shaped, and in turn, been shaped by this material.

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Circular illuminated box-frame

The stunning Louise Phillips called in to our workshop late last year to discuss how to present her artwork in a circular, illuminated, etched, deep, aluminium, 1.2m diameter, welded frame. We were happy to assist & set to presenting the best methods & materials for the job, collaborating with Louise to suit her style & needs.

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